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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: [xsl] ANN: XAE 1.0beta1 (XML Authoring Environmentfor Emacs)

Matthew Harrison <m.harrison@inpharmatica.co.uk> writes:

[about the XAE (DocBook+ DB stylesheets+ Emacs/PSGML+ saxon) package]

> I haven't tried it out yet, so don't send your questions to me ( :?)
> but for those of you who are interested:
> http://sunsite.dk/jde/xae/

I've tried it, and wrote up some details:


The XSLT/HTML viewing integration is very handy, and it's worth noting
that this seems to be the only Emacs/PSGML-based authoring package
based on XSLT integration rather than DSSSL/Jade.

But one issue: If you already have catalogs set up, and you try to
create documents from the templates the XAE provides, you may run into
problems. Reason is that it uses an incorrect PUBLIC id for the DTD,
and doesn't add a matching catalog for it to sgml-catalog-files.

The fix is just to go into the templates (which are embedded within
the xae.el file itself) and fix the PUBLIC IDs so they match whatever
you've got set up, e.g. -//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN if you're
using and unmodified DocBook DTD.

It's beta software, so depending on your environment, you may run into
other problems. Stick with it -- once you've got it set up, I think
you'll find the XSLT integration especially to be very useful.

Michael Smith          mailto:smith@xml-doc.org
xml-doc                http://www.xml-doc.org/

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