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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Error message when running openjade with docbook

Good evening:

I am trying to use docbook 4.1 with the latest stylesheets from Norman
Walsh's DSSL stylesheets (1.62) and get the following errors.

openjade:/usr/local/share/style/print/../common/dbl1sl.dsl:2:66:W: cannot
generate system identifier for public text
"ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN"

openjade:/usr/local/share/style/print/../common/dbl1sl.dsl:3:5:E: reference
to e
ntity "lat2" for which no system identifier could be generated

and I also get:

openjade:id.sgm:1:54:W: cannot generate system identifier for public text
SIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN"
openjade:id.sgm:1:54:E: reference to entity "BOOK" for which no system
r could be generated
openjade:id.sgm:1:0: entity was defined here
openjade:id.sgm:1:54:E: DTD did not contain element declaration for
document typ
e name
openjade:id.sgm:2:5:E: element "BOOK" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:3:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:4:12:E: element "TITLEABBREV" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:5:11:E: element "DEDICATION" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:6:5:E: element "PARA" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:9:8:E: element "PREFACE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:10:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:11:5:E: element "PARA" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:11:7:E: general entity "hellip" not defined and no default
openjade:id.sgm:15:15:E: there is no attribute "LABEL"
openjade:id.sgm:15:22:E: there is no attribute "ID"
openjade:id.sgm:15:37:E: element "CHAPTER" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:34:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:36:5:E: element "PARA" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:40:6:E: element "SECT1" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:41:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:42:5:E: element "PARA" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:48:59:E: element "CHAPTER" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:67:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:69:5:E: element "PARA" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:73:6:E: element "SECT1" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:74:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
openjade:id.sgm:75:5:E: element "PARA" undefined

I put everything in their own directories in /usr/local/share/doocbook and
/usr/local/share/style, created the catalog file in /usr/local/share and
modified the catalog to point to the files with both relative and then
absolute links.

I don't know what the problem is and I don't know if it's Jade, Docbook, or
something I missed


 p |Carlos E. Araya
 - |Senior Programmer Analyst (Instructional Design)
 G |California Virtual Campus Region 1

email   : carlos@cvc.edu
Web     : http://www.cvc1.org/
          http://www.silverwolf-net.net (under construction)

LIFE: You can't control the length, but you can control the depth and
width. -- From Randal Schwartz picture archive

``Paradoxically, a refusal to `put a monetary value on life' means that
life is often undervalued.'' -- Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

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