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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: 4.1 docbook documentation


The rough draft 4.1 documentation on the docbook.org web site is great
but I'd love to download it to my local box like the html version of the
3.1 based book. Or better yet a 4.1 version of the book.

It seems so many things have changed in 4.1 but the DTD is so nicely
backward compatible that it is very easy to use old structure and tags.
This is really tough when you are trying to learn docbook.

The stylesheet documentation is very helpful with the new stylesheets --
I wish I knew more so I could contribute. Any other info on the hows and
whys of the XSL modularization and how the HTML and FO stylesheets are
maintained in sync or not would be helpful as well. My recent thread
with no responses, (abstract red in FO?) found what seems to be two
different ways to use abstract in an article but only one renders
correctly using FO-->PDF.

Any words of wisdom would be helpful,
Eric :-)

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