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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Several lines in a cell

I'm almost sure this question has been answered in one or another way
but I can't find it in the archives. I apologize for the inconveniences.

How can I put several lines in the same cell? I mean:

cell-1 cell-2 cell-3-line1

This is not rowspan because all the lines are in the same row.
I have tried with <itemizedlist>, but the first line is less indented
than the other (It's a bug?)

Using just <para> as in:

<entry><para>0 = 125ms.</para><para>1 = 250ms.</para><para>2 = 500ms.</para><para>3 = 1s.</para><para>4 =
2s.</para><para>5 = 4s.</para><para>6 = 8s.</para><para>7 = 16s.</para><para>8 = 32s.</para><para>9 = 64s.</para><para>A
= 128s.</para><para>B = 256s.</para><para>C-F = Reservado</para></entry>

(no CR between lines)

produces an strange behavior: The first two lines have a simple line space between
them. The next lines are separated by double line spaces.

I use Jade 1.2.2, Docbook V3.1 and DSSL Version 1.62 with Jadetex V3.2.
Thank for your help

Juan R. Migoya

Juan R. Migoya
Area de Aparatos y Equipos
Tel. 94 403 98 30
Fax. 94 403 96 80

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