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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Print output problem with <formalpara>

> | We're using pdfjadetex (jadetex 2.20) to convert .tex files to .pdf.  Is
> | this a problem for Sebastian?
> I think so.

I checked with Sebastian, and based on his questions, I've found at
least one way to solve the problem--revise the print stylesheet.  I
added this line to our print stylesheet customization layer:

(element (formalpara para) (process-children))

This mirrors the HTML stylesheet, and overrides the following line in
the print stylesheet:

(element (formalpara para) (make sequence (process-children)))

I have two questions:

1) Is the "make sequence" in the print stylesheet supposed to be
there,or is it a bug?

2) Can you forsee any problems arising from my customization?



Robert McIlvride (robert@cogent.ca), Cogent Real-Time Systems

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