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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Table Rendering of XSL-FO Files


When I convert the following sample table to PDF using

- DocBook XML 4.1.2 and
- version 1.29 of the style sheets in conjunction with
- Saxon 6.2.1 and
- FOP 0.17, 

all the output is sort of piled up, just like a bunch of
characters. Anyway, it surely has got nothing whatsoever in common with a
table. Can anybody tell me why? (I'll include the document in case
somebody is willing to try it out.)

I was translating the SGML file to XML using

sgml2xml -xlower table_test.sgml > table_test.xml

Thanks in advance for any help!




<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN">
    <title>Table Test</title>
    <table frame=all><title>Sample Table</title>
      <tgroup cols=5 align=left colsep=1 rowsep=1>
	<colspec colname=c1>
	<colspec colname=c2>
	<colspec colname=c3>
	<colspec colnum=5 colname=c5>
	<spanspec spanname=hspan namest=c1 nameend=c2 align=center>
	<spanspec spanname=bspan namest=c2 nameend=c3 align=center>
	    <entry spanname=hspan>Horizontal Span</entry>
	    <entry morerows=1 valign=middle><para>Vertical Span</para></entry>
      <entry spanname=bspan morerows=1 valign=bottom>Span Both</entry>

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