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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Xalan is stealing my sleep

> From: Claus Rasmussen <claus@arsdigita.com>
> First of all - this posting contains a lot of error-messages. Sorry for
> that, but it's the only way I can sketch out my problem.
> For a while I've been thinking that it had to be our customizations that
> broke Xalan 2, but now I give up:
> I install a pure, untouched version of
>  - Xalan 2 java
>  - Norms XSL style sheets v1.29
>  - The DocBook XML DTD v4.1.2
> The Xalan tests all run without problems.
> When I try the tests that come with Norms style sheets the trouble begins.
> (I should mention that chunking is the problem - producing one big document
> goes smoothly).

I had not tried the Docbook chunk.xsl stylesheet with XalanJ2.
When I do, I also find that it does not work.  They changed the
location of the Redirect class from:




When I made just those changes to chunk.xsl and
chunk-common.xsl, I was able to get it to run, but
it still did not produce useful output.  It says
it is writing out each html file, but I cannot find
any such output files, either in my current directory or
relative to the source.  After saying it is writing
out 8 files (but not actually doing so), it fails
with this message:

  XSLT Error (javax.xml.transform.TransformerException): -9

Very helpful message, eh?  8^)

I think Norm will have to fix chunk.xsl to work
with XalanJ2, beyond my simple adjustment above.

Bob Stayton                                 400 Encinal Street
Publications Architect                      Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Technical Publications                      voice: (831) 427-7796
The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.              fax:   (831) 429-1887
                                            email: bobs@sco.com

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