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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: TeX capacity exceeded,

Nik Clayton escribió:

> Any idea which constant limit I'm hitting?

Yes: follow the instructions of the doc/install.pdf file in jadetex*.zip
distribution and modify:

 max_strings.hugelatex = 550000
 max_strings.hugetex = 550000
 max_strings.jadetex = 550000
 max_strings.pdfjadetex = 550000
 max_strings.pdflatex = 550000

I hope people don't be offended with this kind of values... I hadn't
time to do a good tunning O:-)

The good news are that it works for me.

> Do you know if PassiveTeX has the same limits?

I don't know.


        A.Ismael Olea González

        mailto:olea@hispalinux.es  http://www.hispalinux.es/~olea
        Nuevos tiempos para el soft libre: «si se mueven, matadles»

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