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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Does JadeTeX work?

I'm using Jadetex 3.4, DSSSL 1.62 and Jade 1.2.1 and it works fine.
The only thing I had to change is the "oddleftmargin" and "evenleftmargin"

in jadetex, to get it working with two-side (diferentes left margins for
and even pages).

Also, there were a question in this list just about your problem, some
days ago.
Sebastian replied saying that you should change "cleardoublepage" to
"clearpage". Please check the archives because I have not this message
here and I may be
missing something.


Juan R. Migoya

David Nelson wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> This is a sincere question, I'd really like an answer: are you using
> JadeTeX?  And if so, does it work for you?  Because I've been using
> it, and I've found the results to be quite poor.
> Let me tell you the story of my woes.
> My system: Debian 2.2.  I installed the stable packages for DocBook,
> DocBook stylesheets, Jade, JadeTeX, etc., and started work.
> HTML output was fine.  I found the TeX output to be a bit ugly, but
> making a custom stylesheet helped.  Then I started noticing problems.
> First, headings were appearing at the bottom of the pages, with their
> first paragraph breaking to the next page.  Very ugly (but technically
> not incorrect).  I searched this mailing list, and found that this was
> a bug which had been fixed.  So, I installed the unstable JadeTeX
> package for Debian, and sure enough, the problem was solved.
> Next, I noticed that two-sided output was fine (headers & footers
> aligned correctly; and \cleardoublepage at the end of chapters), but
> there was a problem with one-sided output: headers correct, but
> \cleardoublepage instead of \clearpage.  So there were extraneous
> blank pages, which would be suitable for two-sided printing, but which
> were ugly & superfluous for one-sided printing.
> So, I upgraded to the very latest version of JadeTeX (3.4), by
> downloading the sources, making a hugelatex.fmt, and compiling &
> installing JadeTeX by hand.  It worked, but the problem wasn't fixed.
> Then, I thought that maybe it was a problem with some of the other
> packages on my system.  So, I upgraded to unstable docbook,
> docbook-stylesheets, and jade, and tried again.  This is where it got
> interesting...
> The behaviour was REVERSED!  Now, single-sided printing worked fine,
> but the two-side setting was ignored.  You may think this was a bad
> custom style file, but it wasn't: I set other settings in my style
> file, and they worked okay.  But two-sided printing was no longer
> possible.
> Then, I noticed another bug, which was not just annoying, it was a
> serious error.  The page numbers were sometimes off, especially in the
> Table of Figures (ToF).  For example: if a figure appeared near the
> end of page 7, but was wrapped around to page 8 because of its size,
> it would appear in the ToF as page 7, whereas it was really appearing
> on page 8.  Bad, bad, bad.
> [snip...]
> Dave.

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