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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Processing <note> with DSSSL

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday looking through the DSSSL
files comprising the DocBook modular stylesheets, but I haven't been
able to solve the following problem. Any advice/pointers will be
greatly appreciated.

I have a document that includes several <note> elements. When these
elements are rendered the paragraph has "Note:" prepended to the text
in the element. I'd like to change that to "Question:". I tried
re-defining the Note entity in a customization layer, but either
that's not the right approach or I did it incorrrectly.


Kent E. Holsinger                kent@darwin.eeb.uconn.edu
-- Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology          
-- University of Connecticut, U-3043                                       
-- Storrs, CT   06269-3043                                               

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