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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customizing Jadetex

Well, this may be a question not just about Jadetex, but I hope somebody

well help to clarify these points.

I work with Miktex for Windows NT. Currently, I'm migrating to Miktex
I must say that I only use Latex for rendering the "tex" files produced
by Jade with

I have found that some times, when there is a new version of Jadetex or
files, there are some changes you must do. For example, now the
(define %two-side% #t)
is not enough to get two sides pages. You  must change something in
in order to get headers, footers and margins corrects for even and odd

My question is:

How can I customize Jadetex withou modifying the Jadetex.dtx file? I
read the docs of Miktex but I'm very confusing because I don't find the
the way the docs say they should be, mainly when referring to
configuration files.

But I  guess there is a simple way of building the format files (Jadetex
y Pdfjadetex)
adding some customizing layer. The problem is that a I am not a Latex
user and I have
not idea of how to do it. I imagine you should fed some aditional
file(s) when building
the formats, but how?

Other related question would be what variables in Jadetex are related to
those in Jade.
This should help in identifiying the problems and whom yo should send
the bug info
if it is a bug.

Also, I hope this info would prevent a lot of questions in this list
that would be easy
to answer from oneself with this info. BTW: I'm almost sure this info in
but honestly, it's imposible for me to get and ordered idea about all
this. I mean, you
read about Miktex and is OK, you read about Jadetex and is OK. But the
is that Jadetex author doesn't feel the need to explain nothing about
Miktex (and
he is right), but the docs of Miktex does't explain anything about the
way you should
deal with Jadetex (and perhaps they are also right). So you get lost
after reading a lot
of pages. Well, you can try to master Latex, but do we need to do it?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Juan R. Migoya
Guecho (VIZCAYA)

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