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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Xalan is stealing my sleep

/ camille@mandrakesoft.com was heard to say:
| camille@mandrakesoft.com a écrit :
| > 
| [...]
| > 
| > I also tried with website DTD and XSL, after:
| > - commenting out "workaround for a XalanJ1 bug"

Right. That's one reason why 1.30 doesn't claim to support XalanJ1 anymore.

| > - changing docbookx.xsl path in website.xsl
| > It worked perfectly apart that it outputed all html files inside the
| > website.xsl directory!!!
| > Using a custom empty stylesheet in current dir did not even solved the
| > problem.
| oops, just found the attribute <config param="dir"/> :-)

The files shouldn't go in the website.xsl directory! I'm not sure
what the XalanJ2 problems are.

Note that at least for extensions, I fixed a bug in Xalan so I don't
think 2.0.0 works with extensions.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Everything we love, no doubt, will
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | pass away, perhaps tomorrow,
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | perhaps a thousand years hence.
                                   | Neither it nor our love for it is
                                   | any the less valuable for that
                                   | reason.--John Passmore

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