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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: xhtml transform problems

I'm having problem getting valid xhtml from docbook. As I'm new to
docbook, this could partly be a docbook question but since it is valid
docbook I figured it was appropriate for this list.
Here is the XML docbook 4.1.2 snippet.

<para>As root - format floppy(raw).
<screen format="linespecific">
<prompt moreinfo="none">debian:~#</prompt><command moreinfo="none">mount
<prompt moreinfo="none">debian:~#</prompt><command
moreinfo="none">umount /dev/fd0</command>
<prompt moreinfo="none">debian:~#</prompt><command
moreinfo="none">fdformat /dev/fd0</command>

Using the experimental 1.33 and xalanj-1 here is the output

<div class="orderedlist">
<ol type="a">
<p><a name="Na7b"/>As root - format floppy(raw).
<pre class="screen">
<tt>debian:~#</tt><b>mount /dev/fd0</b>
<tt>debian:~#</tt><b>umount /dev/fd0</b>
<tt>debian:~#</tt><b>fdformat /dev/fd0</b>

Validation Error
nsgmls:debian-install.html:25:19:E: document type does not allow element
"pre" here; missing one of "object", "applet", "map", "iframe",
"button", "ins", "del", "noscript" start-tag

This piece of xhtml won't validate as only inline and special block(map,
applet etc.) are allowed inside of <p> whereas <pre> is block, from what
I can gather from the DTD and the nsgmls validation error.

Now granted my docbook markup may not be so good. I tried procedure and
steps and substep but there isn't much control over numbering. I'm
really just trying to show what was done with a prompt and the commands
entered at the command line.

Any help would be appreciated.

Eric :-)

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