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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Move to XML from ancient SGML tools

Hi all,

[ I've been following this list for only a short while, so I apologize if
  this is a FAQ or something that was recently discussed. If so please
  direct me to the proper RTFM. ]

So, I have a few documents I've written in DocBook SGML a 1-3 years ago,
among others my Master's Thesis (of course not yet finished). Now I'd like
to start working on the thesis again and at the same time move over to
XML. I use an old RedHat Linux and currently have the following tools
(among others) installed for the processing of SGML to PostScript and


There may be some other package I've forgotten. Anyway, this setup works
ok, but sometimes the output could be nicer looking, especially as this is
the single most important thing I've written in my life. :-) I get PS and
HTML just fine, after some mild hacking of the 'db2XX' scripts.

Now I'd like to modernize my setup a little bit in order to benefit from
the progress that has been made. Is there some site/FAQ/tutorial that
describes what needs to be downloaded/installed/configured/hacked in order
to get an XML document formatted into, say, PostScript? There is such a
wealth of tools today, but to my knowledge overall 'distribution of
software' that I can install. I have no clue what I should install, and
I'm afraid to break what I do have working in the process, and end up with
something that will only give me stack traces... As a lazy person it would
be nice to be able to use RPM packages, but I fear that is not an option?

Or should I just abandon Docbook and start using MS-Word instead? 

Kind regards,
	Jan Ekholm

Jan 'Chakie' Ekholm |     Balrog New Media    http://www.balrog.fi/
   Linux Inside     | I'm the blue screen of death, nobody hears your screams

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