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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Jade RTF header/footer alignment error

Hello everyone,

I'd like to describe a problem I'm experiencing with two-sided output,

* Jade 1.2.1
* DocBook DSSSL stylesheets 1.64

It concerns documents with two-sided output:

(define %two-side% 
  ;; Is two-sided output being produced?

The headers are alternately on the right- or left-hand-sides of the
pages, like this:

|       1|
|2       |
|	3|

(Which is correct.)

The problem comes when a chapter begins on an even page number.  For

|       1|
|2       |
|	3|
|	4|  [new chapter]  ***INCORRECT ALIGNMENT
|	5|
|6	 |

So, Jade appears to assume that new chapters start on the right side
of the spread (i.e. odd-numbered).  This would be true, if an extra
blank page were inserted at the end of the previous chapter, but since
it's not, an incorrect header/footer alignment occurs on that page.

(Note that this problem does not occur with chapters which start on an
*odd* page; only those which start on an *even* page.)

My questions are:

1. Is this a known bug?  Or: can anyone else verify this behaviour?

2. Whose bug is it?  Is it a bug in Jade, or a bug in the DSSSL


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