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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Admonition graphic indenting in PDF

>When generating a PDF file with admonition graphics, only the first line 
>is indented, and the text is lined up with the bottom corner of the 

I am also generating pdf with admonition graphics. However, my graphics
behave the way that you would like them to, and they have done so for
as long as I've been using them. I am using the 1.61 stylesheets.

You may want to look at

(define ($admon-graphic-width$ #!optional (nd (current-node)))
  ;; REFENTRY admon-graphic-width
  ;; PURP Admonition graphic file width
  ;; DESC
  ;; Given an admonition node, returns the width of the graphic that will
  ;; be used for that admonition.
  ;; All of the default graphics in the distribution are 0.3in wide.
  ;; /DESC

When I set this to 0.0in, I get the behavior your describe. It should be
set to the actual width of your graphics. The admonition will be
indented by this amount.

Kevin M. Dunn
Professor of Chemistry
Hampden-Sydney College

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