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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: DSSSL HTML stylesheets problem with table rowsepandcolsep

Norman Walsh wrote:
> | What I'm trying to accomplish is a table like this:
> |
> |     head      |  head2   | head3
> |   ------------+----------+-------------
> |     data      |  data    | data
> |     ...
> How do you do that in HTML? HTML supports tables with all borders or
> none, nothing in between.

HTML 4.0 introduces two new attributes for table element - frame and
rules. They are able to do things like this. See


11.3.1 Borders and rules

The following attributes affect a table's external frame and internal

Attribute definitions

frame = void|above|below|hsides|lhs|rhs|vsides|box|border [CI] 
This attribute specifies which sides of the frame surrounding a table
will be visible. Possible values: 
void: No sides. This is the default value. 
above: The top side only. 
below: The bottom side only. 
hsides: The top and bottom sides only. 
vsides: The right and left sides only. 
lhs: The left-hand side only. 
rhs: The right-hand side only. 
box: All four sides. 
border: All four sides. 

rules = none|groups|rows|cols|all [CI] 
This attribute specifies which rules will appear between cells within a
table. The rendering of rules is user agent dependent. Possible values: 
none: No rules. This is the default value. 
groups: Rules will appear between row groups (see THEAD, TFOOT, and
TBODY) and column groups (see COLGROUP and COL) only. 
rows: Rules will appear between rows only. 
cols: Rules will appear between columns only. 
all: Rules will appear between all rows and columns. 

  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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