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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problem with Docbook to HTMLHelp Conversion

I'm having a problem when the HTMLHelp stylesheets encounter a refentry tag.
The toc.hhc file contains the raw ASCII contents for that tag, and it's
children, instead of the usual two or three lines of Microsoft HTMLish
OBJECT tag stuff.  Is it possible that a template is missing or am I doing
something wrong?

The structure is book/part/reference/refentry

By the way, I'm using XT to convert the files to HTML Help.  Even with the
-X argument to Java set to allocate a gigabyte of memory, SAXON still
provides out-of-memory errors on our large set.  However, with the addition
of the -X statement, XT is able to process our 9000+ pages of documentation.

The refentry problem appears in both versions 1.29 and 1.34.

Another problem I've encountered is indexing.  When using XT, it complains
about not having keys available when it encounters the index.xsl stylesheet,
which makes sense.  I've brought in an older version of index.xsl as a
current "hack" to fix the problem.  Is there some other way around this


Bill Lawrence

__________ANSYS, Inc. - Dominating Engineering Simulation___________
Bill Lawrence
Senior Tools Specialist
275 Technology Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317
Ph: 724.514.2973

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