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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: callouts and spacing with fo

Title: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: callouts and spacing with fo

> I'm now pretty confident that this is a FOP problem. The attached

I should mention that if I manually remove the return and 11 spaces before each <span class="callout"> and then run FOP, the pdf looks fine (except for the first callout is one space off, grrr). I could take care of that with a script (if it weren't such a hack). A less hackable problem is that Saxon removes blank lines when a programlisting is within a programlistingco .xml to .fo (see example below).

> zip contains my test document (derived from yours) and three PDFs:
> FOP, TeX, and XEP.  Only the FOP PDF is wrong. And when I look in
> the FO file, I see no reason why subsequent programlisting lines
> are indented.

One thing I notice about your test that is different from mine: the callouts in the programlisting come out in .fo simply as the number in parentheses, while in mine (produced with fo/docbook.xsl from version 1.29 of the stylesheets), have: <span class="callout">(2)</span> FOP and XEP both complain about span (FOP gives WARNING: property 'linefeed-treatment' ignored

WARNING: Unknown formatting object ^span
WARNING: Unknown formatting object ^img.)

> In what way do <co id="foo"/> elements not work in Saxon or Xalan-C?

If you can help me get <co> to work, I'll cheerfully give up on <programlistingco>s. It appears that co element isn't being recognized. In the .fo output, I get (the result is the same in Xalan-J; I also tried downloading a new copy of the xsl 129 stylesheets):

linethree        <fo:block color="red">&lt;co&gt;&lt;/co&gt;</fo:block>
Thanks for all your help,

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