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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: newbie: creating rtf of docbook guide itself,windows NT and Jade

I am having some problems creating an rtf version of Docbook, the Definitive
Guide, using Jade under NT. This is the .bat file I use:

c:/jade/jade -c c:/sgml/catalog -c c:/jade/catalog -t rtf -o c:/docbook.rtf
-d E:\style\dsssl\docbook\print\docbook.dsl e:/sgml/docbook.sgm 

I've got Norm's book and e: in the command above is its CDROM; jade and the
SGML catalog were installed from the CDROM

The problems are (a) lots of files not found; should I expect to be able to
run from the CD? (b) no index produced; should there be?

There's also clearly something about / and \ that a mainframe dinosaur is
failing to get :) My DOS Primer is at home, so I'll be checking it there.

My objective - I'm sure I'm far from first! - is (using free software) to
change MSWord to a back-end display and print utility . Any other hints
gratefully received.

Roy Gardiner

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