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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: DocBook-Based Literate Programming announcement

I have just finished building and doing preliminary testing on an SGML 
DocBook-based literate programming extension.  This system consists of a 
DTD (an extension of DocBook 4.1) that implements literate programming 
markup, and two DSSSL style specifications that implement the "weave" and 
"tangle" functionality.

I've put a PDF file describing this, the Nuweb source file, and a tar.gz 
archive with the key files in it up on the Web at 
If you're interested in the subject, either as a DocBook extension or as a 
literate programming system, please feel free to take a look at it.  If you 
use it, I'd appreciate feedback on it.

I'd also like to acknowledge something that may have been obvious to other 
people working on variations of DocBook, but was brought home rather 
sharply to me while doing this.  The modular design of the DocBook DTD and 
of Norman Walsh's modular style sheets makes writing this sort of extension 
MUCH easier than I would have expected.  Thanks, Norman, et al.

Mark B. Wroth

PS: if you saw part of this message before, my apologies -- the mailer and 
I had a minor disagreement.

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