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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Help with SVG in Docbook

At 07:58 PM 4/17/01, Norman Walsh wrote:
>/ Bill Lawrence <bill.lawrence@ansys.com> was heard to say:
>| SVG graphics are apparently not treated as other graphics, such as .eps or
>| .gif, and therefore can't be referenced through a fileref or entityref in a
>| graphic tag.  So, how does one reference an SVG graphic in a Docbook
>| document?
>I guess the content model of <imageobject> should be extended to
>something like:
>  <!ELEMENT imageobject (objectinfo?, (imagedata|svg:svg))>
>Alas, this isn't possible in XML because the folks who made the SVG
>DTD didn't use the parameter-entity hack to allow the namespace prefix
>to be assigned and SVG has element names that conflict with DocBook.

I downloaded the Jasc SVG tool this week. Its incomplete,
but a very nice start, which does make SVG very attractive
as a 'diagram' option.

Regards DaveP

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