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I have reported this error and it's already corrected (23hrs after reprted 
it:). Download new version of DocBook XSL (1.37) from 

Martin Bohaty

>From: "Jeff Rancier" <jeff.rancier@softechnics.com>
>To: "Jirka Kosek" <jirka@kosek.cz>,        Martin Bohatý 
>CC: <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>
>Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 09:34:35 -0400
>I have similar issues, what is the correct URL for the most up to date 
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jirka Kosek [mailto:jirka@kosek.cz]
>Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 9:58 AM
>To: Martin Bohatý
>Cc: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS:
>Martin Bohatý wrote:
> > I find that elements in <para> are ignored in XSL FO transformation. For
> > example following text in XML
> >
> > <para>Test for <constant>constant</constant></para>
> >
> > is transformed into
> >
> > <fo:block space-before.optimum="1em" space-before.minimum="0.8em"
> > space-before.maximum="1.2em">Test for <fo:block
> > color="red">&lt;constant&gt;constant&lt;/constant&gt;</fo:block>
> >
> > and inner elements are ignored.
> > Is there any reason for that or is it some error?
>If you get red color in output, it means that there is missing template
>for element. Check that you are using latest XSL stylesheet. If this
>does not solve your problem, report bug at
>In the meanwhile, you can add following into your customization file:
><xsl:template match="constant">
>   <xsl:apply-templates/>
>   Jirka Kosek
>   e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz
>   http://www.kosek.cz
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