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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Centering Figure Graphics

At 04:02 AM 4/27/01, M. Wroth wrote:
>I don't know if this is a misunderstanding of the DTD, a problem with the 
>style sheets, or a failure on my part to correctly customize the style 
>sheets.  I am including graphics as figures in DocBook (SGML) 4.1.  An 
>example is:
>       <figure id="fig04">
>         <title>Alternate form of a tabard</title>
>         <mediaobject>
>           <imageobject>
>             <imagedata
>               align="center"
>               fileref="RegaliaFig04.bmp"
>               format="bmp"
>               srccredit="Zenobia Napthali">
>           </imageobject>
>         </mediaobject>
>       </figure>
>I am processing this with the Modular Docbook Style Sheets (1.60); I have 
>not (intentionally) applied any customization to the elements involved here.
>However, I would like the figures to be centered on the page, and they are 
>showing up left-justified.  What am I doing wrong?

Well for one thing not including <textobject>, to provide the alt text?

Regards DaveP

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