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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: indexing for print with DSSSL / OpenJade / JadeTex

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 03:24:02PM -0600, Deborah Greenberg Lidl said:
> DocBook SGML 4.1 / DSSSL 1.62 / OpenJade 1.3 / JadeTex 3.33
> I'm trying to get my head around creating indexing a book.  I've
> managed to get things mostly working for the HTML version, both chunked
> and non-chunked.  And, I've got it partially working for a PostScript
> version (via TeX and dvips).
> Marking things up as a range using the class attribute (<indexterm
> id="foo" class="startofrange">...</indexterm>...<indexterm startref="foo"
> class="endofrange">) sort of works.  The page number in the index shows
> the page number where the startofrange is; for example, 16.  It doesn't
> show a range; for example, 16-30.  The collateindex.pl script reports
> that it is ignoring one index entry -- I suspect it's the endofrange
> one.

I think the issue is with collateindex.pl.  HTML.index seems to contain
the correct info.  I understand that ranges that span pages are a
difficult issue, so I have not looked any further into this.

> Marking things using the zone attribute (<indexterm
> zone="bar">...</indexterm>...<emphasis id="bar">...</emphasis>) doesn't
> work.  The page number in the index shows as ?.  

Again, I think the issues with collateindex.pl, as HTML.index contains
what appears to be a sufficient amount of info.  

If you don't use the -p option, the generated ulink contains the title
of the nearest section as the role.  Even if there is an ID for the
title of the section, the section, the indexterm, and just about
everything else you can think of.  The title is usually more than one
word, so the stylesheets don't know what to do with it. 

If you use the -p option, the generated ulink still contains the title
of the nearest section as the role.  And, the url is just a reference
to the title, not to a specific target.

Again, I do have simple samples that show these issues.

If anyone can confirm this, I'd be much obliged.  I expect these are
either requests for enhancements or bugs, depending on how the
question was phrased.

Many thanks,
Deborah Greenberg Lidl                       Toll free: 1.888.849.BSDi
dgl@bsdi.com                    BSDi             Phone: 1.301.765.7945
http://www.bsdi.com                                Fax: 1.301.765.7946

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