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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: JadeTeX: Specifying Fonts

Deborah Greenberg Lidl writes:
 > I've read the install.pdf for JadeTeX, so I know that Helvetica and
 > Times Roman are two of the supported font families.  But are the other
 > related fonts (Oblique/Italic, Bold, BoldOblique/BoldItalic) for these
 > fonts supported?  If not, how do I add support for them?
the italic, bold, etc come along by default. they are members of the
same family

 > teTeX/share/texmf/fonts for Helvetica Oblique.  I've tried referring to
 > "Helvetica Oblique", "Helvetica-Oblique", and "HelveticaOblique" in the
 > stylesheet customization.

no, wicked. if you want oblique, tell DSSSL to make sans-serif italic


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