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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: DocBook XML and MSIE (?!)


Perhaps this is a naive question, but I've gotten the impression that
Microsoft Internet Explorer is fairly capable of parsing XML.  When I
open a bare xml file with no DOCTYPE, it happily shows it as a formatted
tree.  If I hand it a DocBook document, however, it complains that it 
needs a stylesheet.  

This seems to make sense.  After all, it can't be expected, I suppose, 
to have a built in stylesheet for every XML application under the sun.
Is there a way to point it to a stylesheet?  If so, will that work?  
Even if it only speaks CSS, I would imagine that CSS would be enough
to enable rudimentary display of DocBook documents.  My XML skills are
fairly poor, so if this is a simple question of adding one line to the
document, please bear with me!  

Thank you!


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