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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Section numbering depth

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On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 01:33:39PM -0500, Greg Gallagher wrote:
>    A friend and are are writing a book using DocBook V4.1 and our
> publisher just told us that they would prefer section numbering only
> be three levels deep.  In other words:
> "Book Title"
>    Chapter 1              <chapter>
>      Section 1.1            <sect1>
>      Section 1.2            <sect1>
>        SubSection 1.2.1       <sect2>
>          SubSubSection           <sect3> </sect3>
>          SubSubSection           <sect3> </sect3>
>          SubSubSection           <sect3> </sect3>
>          ...
>    We need it so the SubSubSections aren't numbered ( <sect3> and
> below I suppose).

3 solutions, all untested.

  1.  Use the label attribute on your sections,=20

        <sect3 label=3D"">

  2.  Use <section> instead of <sect3>, <sect4>, and <sect5>.  These can

  3.  In your stylesheet customisation, cut and paste the function
      section-autolabel from common/dbcommon.dsl (it's the block of code
      that starts

          (define (section-autolabel nd #!optional (force-label? #f))

      and pull out all the code that deals with sect3 and onwards.

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