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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Attribute `id' in <mediaobject>

* Norman Walsh:

> Can you  tell us a little  more about your markup  and your formatting
> requirements? I'm curious  to know why  you need precise  control over
> objects that are distinguished only by their ID.
> | BTW  couldn't the  mediaobject's 'float'  attribute make  the images
> | float as documented?  Or maybe my definition of floating is wrong?
> Uh, what float attribute on mediaobject?

I  meant the  'float' attribute  on the  <figure> tag,  sorry.  The  CSS
definition of  floating is the  text wrapping around the  image.  That's
what I want, but I guess the DocBook definition of floating is like TeX,
i.e. the figure is placed at a  convenient  location.
Jean-Baptiste Quenot
May 1, 2001 - May 22, 2001: 1801 visits

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