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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: <articleinfo/> weirdness

At 04:08 AM 5/23/01, Rafael R. Sevilla wrote:

>I'm just wondering about a few small things about articleinfo.  I write an
>articleinfo set like this:
>  <articleinfo>
>    <title>Implementation of a Secure Maintenance Network</title>
>    <pubsnumber>RFC INTERPH-BP-002</pubsnumber>
>    <corpauthor>Inter.Net Philippines, Inc.</corpauthor>
>    <collab>
>      <collabname>William Emmanuel S. Yu</collabname>
>    </collab>
>  </articleinfo>
>But only the <title/> and <corpauthor/> data gets displayed in the final
>document.  The rest just vanishes into thin air.  I would think all of
>this meta information should be displayed in some form! 

I'm struggling with the same problem at the moment.
Norm did a piece for XSLT-UK 01 which addressed it.
In the fo directory is a file in xml which specifies how
the titlepage content is selected and displayed.
Tweak this to include exclude what you want, transform it using
the /template/titlepage.xsl stylesheet into mytemplate.xsl,
then create a shell importing and including mytemplate.xsl and docbook.xsl
then use this as the stylesheet for your xml document.

Some documentation in template/titlepage.xsl, 
I don't know if Norm has put his paper up on his website yet how this
all works.

I'm finding it OK with Renderx and Antenna House so far.
Just takes a bit of thinking about.

Regards DaveP

Norm resolved the duplicate definition of the named template.

I guess that will be fixed before 1.38 goes hot.

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