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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Please help!!!

It seems that you Docbook dentifier doesn't match that of the DSSSL identifier.
Check it out.


Juan R. Migoya

> Pauline Baytler wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a pretty urgent matter
> I am trying to install the modular stylesheets....When I do a test to convert to a text document it produces the rtf
> file but shows the following errors, but with the html document I get the same errors when I put in the command
> instructed in the installation page and I don't even get the output file at all. Here's what it looks like
> C:\PAULINE\DOCBOOK\JADE\JADE.EXE:c:\pauline\docbook\jade\db164\docbook\html\docb
> ook.dsl:470:13:E: end tag for "EXTERNAL-SPECIFICATION" omitted, but its declarat
> ion does not permit this


> C:\PAULINE\DOCBOOK\JADE\JADE.EXE:E: specification document does not have the DSS
> SL architecture as a base architecture
> C:\pauline\docbook\jade>
> The complete error file and the the outut file I get for rtf are attached
> Please help
> Thanks,
> Pauline

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