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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: toolset for latest xsl-stylesheets

Hi All,

I need to update my docbook-xsl-stylesheets package and I'm wondering
what the latest combination of tools (with versions) is known to work with
version 1.39 of the xsl stylesheets.

I'd like to package the tools (parser, xslt processor, catalog classes) at
the same time. And, of course, I'd still like to have catalog support via
Norm's/Jirka's catalog classes--or by any other means.

With earlier (1.34) versions, I had good luck with Saxon 6.02, Jirka's
classes, and Crimson 1.1. Does the catalog stuff still work with Saxon
6.2, or 6.3?


Mark Johnson
Duke Physics        <mark@duke.edu>
Debian SGML         <mrj@debian.org>
Home Page:          <http://dulug.duke.edu/~mark/>
GPG fp: 50DF A22D 5119 3485 E9E4  89B2 BCBC B2C8 2BE2 FE81

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