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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Success: Double sided printing with DSSSL, openjade,jadetex

I'm feeling very pleased.

For the first time ever I am able to generate a DocBook <book> with double 
sided printing correctly using the DSSSL, openjade, jadetex toolchain.

[We have been limping along with single sided which isn't really quite as 
"professional" as we want - we've also got a new fast duplex printer which 
made lack of double sided printing more glaringly obvious].

I am sure there are other problems to discover, but we have a number of 70+ 
page "user guides" which contains numerous tables, figures lists etc using 
quite a full range of DocBook mark-up generating in a "correct" way, ready 
for printing. The quality now is at least as good as if it had been generated 
using a more conventionial setup (MS Word for example). Of course, it looks 
better in relation to the other documentation as now everything has the same 
"look and feel". The generation is untouched by human hand - driven by "make" 
alongside the compilation/packaging of the software that it documents - so 
the documentation system is now as controlled as the source code - in CVS 
etc. which makes it very easy to update and keep in sync. with the source. 
I'm very happy about this so forgive me if I am babbling a bit.

The recipe:

dsssl-style sheets version 1.62 (1.70 will also work for my applications).
+ a patch to prevent the table of contents/lists of tables page numbers from 
restarting from (i). [Richard Sharpe recently posted one which might be 
bettter than the one I was using]
+ a patch to make the recto/verson pages print on the same piece of paper 
(this is from Richard Sharpe - hopefully this will make it into CVS before 
too long)

openjade version 1.3 (taken from the Redhat 7.1 RPM)
+ the "features" patch which is now in the openjade CVS (this is from Francis 
J Lacoste
+ a small patch to add support for an additional UNREGISTERED EXTENSION 
required for double sided printing since jadetex 3.5

jadetex 3.7
+ a small patch to correct the setting of page numbers (otherwise it is the 
following chapter which has the page number reset - so you end up with 
Chapter 2 also starting at page 1).

Stylesheet driver which declares the additional openjade "unregistered 
extensions" required for two sided printing - and which defines %two-side% of 
course (as well as our own cover page).

As I said, I'm sure there are additional problems (table of contents 
generation for <preface> being one ;-), but for our documents every thing 
seems to be working how I want it.

Thank you all!



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