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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Bug in LOT processing with DSSSL 1.70


There is a bug in the LOT processing of DSSSL 1.70. If you have a 
complex document, and I am not sure what complex means yet (see below), 
then an unmodified DSSSL 1.70 with a simple stylesheet that switches on 
LOT processing (by specifying the elements that should be in the LOT) 
will generate TeX that causes pdfjadetex (with JadeTex 3.7) to blow up 
with the following message:

   Link Annotations can't be nested from pdfjadetex

The errors relate to pars to the LOT.

I have a very simple document with one chapter, and a table and a 
figure, and this is processed correctly.

However, a more complex example with about 350 pages and a hundred 
figures and examples blows up.

I don't yet know when it starts.

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