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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Stylesheet languages and giving you fine controlover where things go

Richard Sharpe writes:
 > For example, I might want to place the word Preliminary diagonally 
 > across the back of every page in outline form, with the primary text 
 > appearing in front of it.

I dont regard that as part of styleheets. its more like cropmarks -
you would add them to a stylesheet, would you?

 > In some cases, I also want to be able to take a block of text and center 
 > it, vertically, on a page. I don't seem to be able to do that with 
 > DSSSL. Don't know about XSL(T).
trivial in XSL.... just set space-before and space-after to small
minima and large maxima

 > For example, I want to have text on one side of the header aligning with 
 > the bottom of a graphic on the other side. Indeed, the decision in DSSSL 
 > to divide the header up into three regions seems to have been a mistake. 
 > I would rather that it be one area that I can decide how to format.
use XSL....

 > I would also like to be able to insert text at any angle I want to.
use XSL

 > What stylesheet languages give me these?

XSL does
I dont say that the _implementations_ do....


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