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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: xrefs for figure naming.

Use case:
I'm writing a multi part document, say book,
with chapters.

I have n png images in this chapter.

I want to be able to use xref to get the figure reference
from the mediaobject.

I want the output from below to produce

'The ideas are shown in Figure 5.1. '
The html to produce a hot link, the print output to produce
plain text insertion.

Presently, I have no idea what is a valid end term for xref.

Is this a reasonable feature request?
I think so.

Regards DaveP

The ideas are shown 
in <xref linkend="fig5-1" endterm="fig5-1ref"/>. 
<mediaobject id="fig5-1"> 
<imagedata fileref="../images/fig5-1.png" format="PNG"/> 
<para>This is the caption.</para> 
<para id="fig5-1ref">Figure 5.1. </para> 

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