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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: xrefs for figure naming.

At 08:02 PM 7/7/01, Norman Walsh wrote:
>/ Dave Pawson <daveP@dpawson.freeserve.co.uk> was heard to say:
>| 'The ideas are shown in Figure 5.1. '
>| The html to produce a hot link, the print output to produce
>| plain text insertion.
>| Presently, I have no idea what is a valid end term for xref.
>| Is this a reasonable feature request?
>| I think so.
>Uh, yeah, but if you want them to be Figures, why aren't you putting
>them in <figure> elements?

<grin>He does ask awkward questions that Walsh character!

>Ah, the interesting wrinkle here is that these must be figures without
>Is that the reason you're not using <figure>?

<blush>No, its 'cos I hadn't seen the figure element</blush>

Ok, they are 'images', that I happen to call figures.
Thinking ahead, if I'm producing for non visual media,
I'll just use the text content (feeble excuse, but true)
and dump images. Hence my preference for mediaobject.

Quick skim of figure doesn't allow me textobject, so its 
non compliant with the WAI xml guidelines <grin/>, so thats
why I want to use mediaobject... (fast trying to save face).

"Figure -- A formal figure, generally an illustration, with a title"

Unsure about 'formal figure', in my case they are .png images.

Guidance please Norm, I think figure only has the title as
text content without stressing it.
emacs gives me

<figure float="0">
          <!-- one of (literallayout programlisting programlistingco screen screenco screenshot synopsis cmdsynopsis funcsynopsis classsynopsis fieldsynopsis constructorsynopsis destructorsynopsis methodsynopsis address blockquote graphic graphicco mediaobject mediaobjectco informalequation informalexample informalfigure informaltable indexterm beginpage link olink ulink) -->

I'm looking for a structure as neutral as mediaobject.

Regards DaveP

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