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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Components, book-start? and page-number-restart?

Following on from the problems in dbdivis.dsl with erroneous calls to
page-number-restart?, now fixed, I've noticed a problem with the page
number of a <preface>.

In dbcompon.dsl, for every "component" (things like chapters, prefaces,
appendices etc) the page number will be restarted if either of the
following conditions is true:

- %page-number-restart% is true
- The component is the first <chapter> in the book (the first-chapter?
- The component is the first component in the book (the book-start?

Assume that %page-number-restart% is false.

The problem is that quite often the <preface> will be the first
component in the book. This means that book-start? will return true and
the page number of the preface will be reset to (i).

It seems to be that book-start? isn't really "fine grained" enough for
this. In a "normal" book, I would expect that only the first page of the
first chapter will be set to 1. Everything else will be numbered
sequentially - the "front matter" using roman numerals, the remainder of
the book using arabic.

So, in a book which consists of chapters (with a preface or two at the
start, appendix or two at the end) I would expect that the call to
"first-chapter?" would suffice. The only problem would be with books
that are not made up of chapters - for example, references (?). In this
case I would expect that book-start? would not necessarily be the best
thing to do - but something like, say, first-reference? (possibly a test
to see if there are any chapters...).

Anyway, I can't see a particularly good reason for keeping in the call
to "book-start?". Is there one?

diff -Naur dbcompon.dsl-orig dbcompon.dsl
--- dbcompon.dsl-orig   Mon Jul  9 17:54:39 2001
+++ dbcompon.dsl        Mon Jul  9 17:55:19 2001
@@ -208,9 +208,8 @@
 (define ($component$)
   (make simple-page-sequence
     page-n-columns: %page-n-columns%
-    page-number-restart?: (or %page-number-restart%
-                             (book-start?)
-                             (first-chapter?))
+    page-number-restart?: ( or %page-number-restart%
+                               (first-chapter?))
     page-number-format: ($page-number-format$)
     use: default-text-style
     left-header:   ($left-header$)

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