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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: XSL - plans to move all parameters to param.xsl?


> My thinking at the time was probably that they aren't relevant to
> non-chunking processes so they'd be more confusing than useful
> (especially when they reflect features only found in the chunking
> stylesheets).

Which is probably true for the people who are not looking for 
chunking.  But for those of us interested in that, it means that
we have to search for the params.

> There are two or three other xsl:params carelessly scattered about.
> Moving them all to param.xsl, or maybe param.xsl and param-chunk.xsl
> sounds like a good idea.
My vote would be to move it to param.xsl with comments in the file
that clue people in to the fact that the next several params only
affect chunking.

> Wanna submit a feature request for it? :-)



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