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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: xsl-stylesheet: toc layout

Hi ho, hi ho -

I know it isn't christmas time yet, but my birthday seems to be near - so 
I've got a little wishlist here ;-)

My problem is that I lost the track between all the different XSL-templates 
and their customization.
Could anybody help out, please ?

I want the different level of titles in the (book-) toc to be formatted 
individualy (chapters should be different font-weight and font-size than 
sections, section level x different from level y, etc ).

I don' t want the titles spread over the whole line (justified in other 
fo-words), I want them directly ending behind the level numbers (start) and 
the page numbers all in one row at the right hand of the page.
Where do I control the level of depth (for sections) to be listed in the toc?
(btw. I'm still searching for the place to have the "dots" as leaders in 
the line ?? - where do I set this? Is it supposed to be a param or an 
attribute (and in the case that - of which element)?)

... could any body give me a hint which xsl-template where to touch (until 
now I searched and tried the autotoc.xsl, but couldn't get any reasonable 
results, mainly because I would describe myself as 'absoltue beginner with 

It was different with the param.xsl - it seemed more simply and straight 
forward to me as a novice on that field.

sorry and Ciao

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