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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: HTML Help DSSSL customization

My first customization driver for htmlhelp.dsl worked: My app (Epic) calls
myhtmlhelp.dsl (appended below), which somehow references htmlhelp.dsl, and
includes my customizations to chunk-element-list. 

However, when I add the following customization (which modifies dbl1en.dsl)
to the driver, jade tells me it can't resolve the &section; variable:

 (define (en-sectioning-xref-string gi-or-name)
   (if %section-autolabel% 
       "&Section; %n" 
       ;; "the &section; called %t")) ;; original
       "%t"))                         ;; modified

I must misunderstand something about the driver works - how come the first
customization works while the second doesn't? Here's my driver file:

<!DOCTYPE style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN" [
<!ENTITY htmlhelp.dsl SYSTEM "htmlhelp.dsl" CDATA DSSSL>
     This is the driver file for CMBU customizations to the htmlhelp.dsl and
related modules.
     It should be copied to the same directory where the user's htmlhelp.dsl
     (for example, C:\Program Files\Epic\epic\dsssl\axdocbook).

<!-- *********************** Maintenance
      07-05-01  Created - denisb
                Modify chunk-element-list to eliminate chunking at section
level - denisb

      07-06-01  Modified common/dbl1en.dsl: fix autogen for xrefs to formal
figures, tables, etc.
                Changes should go here, but variables like &chapter don't
                So leaving them in dbl1en.dsl where they work, for now.

<style-specification use="htmlhelp">

;; your (re)definitions go here

;; The following block customizes dbchunk.dsl to keep sections from

(define (chunk-element-list)
  (list (normalize "preface")
	(normalize "chapter")
	(normalize "appendix") 
	(normalize "article")
	(normalize "glossary")
	(normalize "bibliography")
	(normalize "index")
	(normalize "colophon")
	(normalize "setindex")
	(normalize "reference")
	(normalize "refentry")
	(normalize "part")
	(normalize "sect1") 
;	(normalize "section") ;; omitted for help - denisb
	(normalize "book") ;; just in case nothing else matches...
	(normalize "set")  ;; sets are definitely chunks...

;; Add block here to display generated text for formal elements using
appropriate format for help


<external-specification id="htmlhelp" document="htmlhelp.dsl">


Denis Bradford
Rational Software, 20 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02421

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