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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: jadetex 3.9

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: Ian Castle <bb+lists.docbook-apps@looksystems.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 07:46:51 +0100

>I think there is a typo in jadetex.dtx (see below)....
>>    \if#1{qqq}
>     ^^^^^^^^^^
>I have
>     \ifx#1{qqq}

I just spent the evening figuring this out for myself. I untarred the distribution again and it came up \if#1. But changing it to \ifx#1 puts everything right.


I am using \def\PageTwoSide{1} in jadetex.cfg and jade rather than openjade for processing. It just so happens that I have an odd number of frontmatter pages, which puts page 1 of chapter 1 on a left-hand page. This causes the recto-verso page headings to be reversed. I know of two ways to fix this but I am looking for a third way:

1. I can add a gratuitous graphic to the Preface, filling up an even number of frontmatter pages and forcing page 1 of chapter 1 onto a right-hand page. I have tried this and it works, but it makes me feel cheap and sleazy.

2. I can add \def\TwoSideStartOnRight{1} to jadetex.cfg. This forces every chapter, including the first, to start on a right-hand page. I have tried this and it works, but it adds 15 blank pages to my 225 page document, which offends my environmental sensibilities.

3. I wonder whether there is such a thing as \def\TwoPageRestartOnRight{1} or something like that, which would always force page 1 to start on the right, but would not force each chapter to do so. Is there such a thing?

Kevin M. Dunn
Professor of Chemistry
Hampden-Sydney College

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