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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: jadetex 3.9

Kevin Dunn wrote:
> 3. I wonder whether there is such a thing as \def\TwoPageRestartOnRight{1} or something like that, which would always force page 1 to start on the right, but would not force each chapter to do so. Is there such a thing?

No, there is no TwoPageRestartOnRight.... I don't think you really need

I've patched my openjade to support an extension for jadetex's
TwoPageStartOnRight called two-page-start-on-right?. I've played around
with getting the stylesheet to emit this (either true of false) every so
often to get the behaviour you describe (this was before I had a better
fix to the DSSSL to stop the title pages from starting on odd pages -
i.e. with the recto, blank page, verso, blank page...) so it does seem
to work OK.

You could simiulate the effect of this by editing the .tex output from
jade - look for where it calls \SpS and add the value in there... e.g.





So either 0 (as above) or 1 as you see fit.

Of course, with the {open}jade patched for the page-two-side and
two-page-start-on-right extensions then you would simply;-) have to call

    two-page-start-on-right?: #t

    two-page-start-on-right?: #f

in the stylesheets as you saw fit.

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