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Subject: Re: Q) Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Converting from DocBook/SGML to DocBook/XML

Kevin Conder wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> > not really, no. You have a choice of at least 4 tools [1] to render XSL
> > FO
> >
> > [1] FOP, PassiveTeX, XEP, Antenna House
>         Does xsltproc count?
> === Kevin Conder, http://KevinDumpsCore.com

No. xsltproc read XSL stylesheets and transforms them. One of the
transformations is to XML Formatting Objects.

So it is analogous to jade. You then need something that takes "fo" and
transforms it to paper (PostScript, PDF).

XT, Saxon, Xalan and xsltproc all attempt to do the same job. The are
the equivalents of jade. Everything except xsltproc is based on Java
(although there is a C(++) version fo Xalan, IIRC).

passivetex, fop, XEP, Antenna House convert XML FO to a "page
description language". These are the equivalents of jadetex or an RTF
reader/formatter with DSSSL.

I was hoping that the version 5 of Adobe acrobat would support fo -> PDF
translation - no such luck. I wouldn't be too surprised if some version
of MS Word or even OpenOffice could read FO at some point...

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