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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: [xslt] xsl:number format="{$...}"

Norman Walsh writes:
 > The spec says:
 > Which says that the format attribute is an attribute value template, so
 > {$Format} should work fine.

I think the libxslt authors now agree on this, and Daniel V sent a
patch to make it work (almost; level="multiple" is not right)

If anyone is interested, I reckon I have found 4 errors in libxslt 1.0.0:

 1. xsl-number format="{$variable}" does not work
 2. unparsed-entity-uri() does not work for me
 3. libxslt:node-set() does not work for me
 4. global attributes which are redefined cause a warning which I do
    not believe is justified

other than that, its brilliant...


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