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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: jadetex and lot page numbers

Thanks to Sebastian, Norm, and many others, dsl + jade + jadetex is putting out some pretty nice PDF. There is, for my document, one persistent nagging problem: LOT's have the wrong page numbers for any formal object which is bumped to the next page. What is the point, after all, of an LOT if the page numbers are not correct?

The reason for this is that the formal object starts at the bottom of, say, page 11 but no ink hits the page until the title is printed on, say, page 12. The LOT lists the page on which the formal object begins, page 11, not the page on which the title is printed. So to a reader it appears that the page number is off by 1.

I supposed that if formal object titles could be kept with the last line of the previous paragraph, the page number would roll over and the formal object would begin on the same page as its title. So I changed print/dbblock.dsl to mark the titles of formal objects as "keep-with-previous #t" This makes it into the TeX as KeepWithPrevious{1}, but there is no change in the PDF.

My question to Sebastian is "does KeepWithPrevious actually do anything?" I can't tell from jadetex.dtx that it ever actually gets used.

Continuing the saga... If I edit the TeX and mark the paragraph before the formal object "KeepWithNext{1}", the last line of that paragraph gets bumped to the next page, the formal object begins on the same page as its title, and the page numbers are correct in the LOT.

So it appears to me that KeepWithNext works in jadetex and could be used to fix the LOT problem. But this would mean finding paragraphs that precede a formal object. Easier and more elegant would be to mark formal object titles KeepWithPrevious. To continue, I need to know whether KeepWithPrevious works, or whether I am simply misunderstanding what it is supposed to do.

Kevin M. Dunn
Professor of Chemistry
Hampden-Sydney College

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