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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Suppress those "@"s in flat website?

At 09:08 PM 7/17/01, Bob Bernstein wrote:
>I am using the 'flat' website DTD to create a rather nice looking site if I
>don't say so myself (http://numerologypro.com -- comments welcome). <g>
>Is it possible suppress the trailing 'commercial at's that mark the current
>page in the nav bars?
>I am getting feedback from members of the general public, God bless 'em,
>that they are a tad taken aback by this symbol. They don't know what it is,
>and think there's something wrong with their computer...

With the present layout, the lack of the hyperlink on the listing
at the top is probably more than enough to indicate the purpose
of the @ symbol.

Fair point Bob. Its in the toc.xsl file.

Regards DaveP

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