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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: TQM/ISO9000 series

Has anyone here looked at using docbook, or a variant thereof as part of
a quality management process (other than for writing the documentation
about the product)?

We're currently using a manual process, and are looking at automating
much of it. The goal is to have a backend system that keeps track of the
document audit trails/signoff and the like, and produces a website that
follows our document authoring policies. 

Docbook seems like the ideal content->process->display mechanism, but
things like the 1001 registers and audit trails will need to be
integrated in. CVS and a few minor scripts can quite possibly provide
the audit trails, leaving just finding a good way to manage the
registers without making the system hard to use...

I'm not interested in reinventing the wheel - or trying to make a square
wheel :] If anyone can see that I'm trying either of those things please
speak up!


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