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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Variablelist <term> left justified in PDF output

Bob McIlvride wrote:
> The <term> in <variablelist> gets moved to the left margin in our PDF
> output. The output looks similar to this:

This behavior is due to a seemingly errant line in the print/dblists.dsl

(element (varlistentry term)
    (make paragraph
          space-before: (if (first-sibling?)
          keep-with-next?: #t
          first-line-start-indent: 0pt
;          start-indent: 0pt  <--- Problem line is here.

The "start-indent: 0pt" wasn't in 1.70, but appears in 1.71.  Taking it
out makes the indentation work OK.  Is it a bug or does it serve some



Robert McIlvride (robert@cogent.ca)
Cogent Real-Time Systems (www.cogent.ca)

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