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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: db2latex

Peter Toft a écrit :

> I have a question - I currently use SGML/Docbook using
> the Jade-tool to parse SGML->HTML/PS/PDF. I have Linux
> Red Hat 6.2/7.0/7.1 / Mandrake 8.0 machines.
> Can I use your db2latex on top of this, so I maintain
> my current docbook stylesheets and add the db2latex on
> top of this - the documentation on web
> http://db2latex.sourceforge.net/using.html
> does not mention much about this :)
> What I *really* like to do - I guess this is what you
> have made - is to parse my SGML/DocBook to standard
> Latex code, which I can process to PS/PDF-files using
> the standard Tetex-packages getting a much nicer
> layout compared to what (pdf)jadetex provides for me
> today.

That's why I personnaly use to produce PostScript and PDF; besides, I find
it more customizable than the specific latex for jadetex. However, the
stylesheets are XSL and work for DocBook XML documents. If you have only
SGML stuff installed (jade, DSSSL, etc.), you need to install XSL/XML
tools. Personnaly XT/XP is enough (and it works) for these stylesheets,
since Xalan is too slow.

> BTW: I tried to contact Ramon Casellas - but
> "aist.enst.fr" claims that "casellas@" is not known.
> Some of you who know how to locate Ramon?

You should try to post to the db2latex user mailing list. There's a user
and a devel mailing list that you can subscribe from sourceforge (I


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